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Lakas is a 7-month program that empowers high school students and college students to connect and develop essential life skills.

We provide workshops and personal development through five pillar topics. High school students, undergraduates, professionals –  everyone is welcome to join and take part!


Each mentee, a high school student, is paired with a mentor, a college student aged 18-28. These pairs participate in activities put together by Lakas staff members, who are post-graduates and professionals from diverse backgrounds. 


Mentees and mentors communicate regularly to foster and maintain meaningful connections and explore ideas from one of the five pillar areas below.


Every month, mentees and mentors meet together for a pillar session, a full day of planned activities supervised and coordinated by Lakas staff. Every pillar session will be centered on one of the five pillars and usually include presentations, discussions, and activities. By the end of this program, participants — mentees, mentors, even staff members — will be equipped with leadership, communication, and decision-making skills as well as resources that will help them no matter what stage in life.

Parents and prospective mentees, please see the Program page for more information.

For questions, concerns and suggestions, please 

Contact Us.


Objectives & Pillars


To foster personal development through reflection and discussion


Filipino-American Studies
To promote cultural identity through history and concepts


College Preparation
To prepare for future paths by educating on resources and exploring careers


To build an understanding of how one is seen in and interacts with the world around them


To encourage leadership through examples and experiences


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High school students

As a mentee, you will not only learn more about Filipino culture and history, but about yourself and the community at large. You’ll be surrounded by many mentors and staff members who can give advice about college and the future, and you’ll develop essential leadership, communication, decision-making, and other life skills.


Application period for mentees is closed for the 2019-2020 cohort, and will reopen Fall 2020.


Undergraduate college students

As a mentor, you’ll be guiding the next generation of youth and be paired with a menteeLakas staff members will provide the tools and activities you need to succeed, and more often than not you’ll also learn a thing or two about yourself and your community. Staff members can also provide insight into your current and post-grad plans, whether academic or professional.


Application period for mentors is closed for the 2019-2020 cohort, and will reopen Fall 2020.


Graduate / post-grad students and professionals

Staff members are the gears that run the program behind the scenes. Everyone is from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds and is involved in developing the program’s curriculum, outreach and recruitment materials, event planning, and more. Just like with mentors and mentees, every staff member, no matter if you’re a recent grad or seasoned professional, plays an important role in making sure everyone enjoys and gets something from the program. In the past, we’ve also presented at academic conferences!


Application period for staff is closed for the 2019-2020 cohort, and will reopen Summer 2020.


Donations, fundraising, inquiries, missed applications, etc.

If we missed you during this application cycle, please contact us for more information on possibly shadowing some of our in-person activities. This is not always guaranteed and interactions with participants is limited.


Please also contact us if you are interested in donating to our cause! Every penny counts towards our community-run organization. 

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